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Power Vs. Force

power force

Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

by David Hawkins has long been one of my favorite books as it helps shine a light on the different levels from which we can perceive and respond to life, and how these levels profoundly impact the last results we have in our lives.

The PRTL Power Scale is based on David Hawkins’ work — 16 levels of consciousness starting at Shame as the lowest up through Guilt, Apathy, Fear, Anger — all catabolic or as Hawkins explains, “Force” based instead of the higher levels which start at Courage and go up into Acceptance, Understanding, Love and Peace all of which are “Power” based.
When we speak and take action from the lower levels of consciousness, we are *forcing* life to be how we want it to be and while this can lead to immediate, desirable results including protection and safety, long term anything that we force will not be sustainable and not lead ultimately to what we want.  Using Force does not take into consideration Care and sadly whenever we take any action that lacks intentional care, the results will ultimately backfire.
On the other hand, when we speak and act from the anabolic levels of courage and above, which always take into consideration Care, we are tapping into Power.
When we move from a position of Power, the care that we are including in our words and actions reverberates and empowers more positive reactions around us and coming back to us.
When we move from a position of Force, the lack of care that we omit from our words and actions causes the agents around us, interacting with us, to constrict — this again can immediately provide protection or results in getting our short term needs met, but it will cause a dirth in connection and resources going forward reverberating back at us, and will impact our long term results.
Check in with your own heart, make sure it is connected with your courage and allow your words and actions to reverberate with Power and Care for the best results in all areas of your life.

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