Founded in 2018 by Pamela Gold as HACKD Fitness, NYC's first biohacking fitness studio, PRTL was the first facility to bring the latest fitness and wellness technology to consumers in the big apple.  Minimum Effective Dose workouts driven by data and technology paired with ground breaking recovery modalities.
The rebrand to PRTL was planned at the end of 2019 to coincide with the opening of the planned 2.0 location in mid 2020.  COVID forced the development of a virtual strategy and PRTL was officially launched to be of service during this challenging time.

Pam was never one to take a typical path, growing up on an apple farm in upstate New York, graduating from Yale and supporting a young, dynamic entrepreneur and being the point person on an IPO at the age of 24. She spent the next 4 years in fashion as the right hand to the Founder/ CEO, Josie Natori, working on both operational and administrative management.   Becoming a mom then knocked her on her ass, challenged her in ways she could never have imagined, and forced her to redefine her definition of success and her strategies to achieve it.

Fitness became her passion, first and foremost as a tangible path to empowerment.   She became a personal trainer and founded Fulfill Fitness offering private and small group coaching to the local community surrounding West Village Parents, the parenting group she co-founded that grew to over 2000 families.  Some days she would work out as much as 4-6 hours!   But then she took a job as President of a behavioral therapy based food and weight clinic, and suddenly was lucky if she could squeeze in 20 minutes a day to work out.

Pam began to look for better ways to be much more efficient in her workouts and get the results she wanted in way less time.

It was also at this time that Pam's holistic wellness experience was spiraling thanks to behavioral therapy training and a deepening meditation practice.  The convergence of these three factors are what ultimately led to the founding of HACKD Fitness in 2018 -- but first, she would leave her job, write a book, Find More Strength: 5 Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness and create Peace Power Parenting, an online parenting program.

It was while promoting her book and creating her parenting program that Pam met Lorenzo Delano, the co-creator of MindValley's 10x Fitness program.  Lorenzo introduced Pam to his fitness coaching protocols and the ARX machine in October 2017.  This was the spark that led to the impulse to found HACKD, after a February 2018 trip to San Diego for a conference and the opportunity to use the new version of the ARX machine.  No one in NYC had the machine and simply put, Pam needed to find a way to get to use it!  And Pam knew she wouldn't be the only one... looking at the fitness landscape in NYC, no one was doing biohacking.  No one was focused on data driven workouts and the latest recovery options.  I knew that this was a huge opportunity to disrupt the market and have fun helping people at the same time.  HACKD was born.

Hannah Torres
Co-Founder and Director of Coaching

Hannah brings 23 years of peak performance training experience to the PRTL team. A former Colombian National Champion swimmer, Hannah has spent the last 8 years working as a wellness coach and supporting an internationally recognized corporate coaching company grow and manage their programs. Hannah is an UNL graduate and iPEC Professional and Leadership Coach and her ultimate goal is to create a world that focuses on the service of the collective through coaching.

Natasha Wiscombe
Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer

Natasha brings 12 years of creative, content & strategy in growth marketing and product development roles, trailblazing growth hacking in digital health, tech and functional wellness. Held foundational roles with Honest Tea and Bulletproof, acted as CGO for Strong Coffee, created their GTM product strategy, pitched to secure their first round of capital and laid the foundation for Strong’s omnichannel growth. Consulted on countless CPG, wellness startups and established brands.  Natasha is responsible for growth hacking product development, ops and marketing with her data analysis skills.

Tony Vidal
Co-Founder and President

Tony has over 15 years experience at the intersection of wellness and technology for some of the most influential brands in the category. Former VP of Fitness at POPiN, CTO of Beast Fitness Evolved, USA Head of Implementation for eGYM, Creator and Moderator of Samsung's Mindset and Movement, Microsoft’s Fit Tech talks, Tony can take Pamela’s vision of the future of holistic fitness and wellness and merge it with his vision of the future of tech and wellness, and drive the implementation of that vision.  Tony and Pam work hand in hand in creating the culture and management systems PRTL needs to be functional, sustainable and adaptable as it grows.

Sara Tomilson
Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Sara has more than 15 years of experience in accounting and finance. Admired for shattering financial performance projections and financial oversight of more than a billion-dollar real estate investment portfolio, Sara is a trusted financial expert with a history of guiding and supporting executive boards, designing highly efficient reporting systems, and optimizing project returns. Sara holds a master’s degree in finance and a certification from NASM as a Personal Trainer.

Alison Herburger
Chief of Staff

Alison brings 20 years of experience leading teams in service and tech industries, the ability to drive customer service and internal processes and be the glue that holds it all together.

Jessie Megrelishvili
Co-Founder and Marketing Manager

Jessie is a writer, holistic lifestyle coach and visual artist who brings his fresh perspective and team spirit to PRTL.  He has been fortunate enough to learn from great teachers in nutrition, exercise and holsitic living and is certified by the CHEK Institute in CHEK HLC Level One and CHEK Program Design.

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