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This Week’s Special: 50% off The PRTL RESTORE Pack

This Week’s Special is:
50% off – the PRTL Restore Pack

Offer Deadline:
Through This week only

“Nutshell” of Special:
Get 50% off our Inflammation reduction stack the “PRTL Restore Pack”
$74.50 (half off the normal $149)

Who Should Grab This Deal?:
Anyone who wants to Boost vitality, rejuvenate their body, mind, and spirit,
or turbo-charge cellular repair.

Here’s What You Get:
You get a red light therapy session that lowers inflammation and enhances tissue repair… in only 15 minutes…
You get use of the Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field machine to boost relaxation, full-body energy, and your natural recovery process…
You get a guided breath-work AND cold plunge session for more energy
and mood enhancement so you can return to your daily routine faster..
You get a NanoVi session – stimulate your body’s repair at the cellular
level, which means regaining and boosting your vitality…without getting out of a chair!

Offer Deadline:
This offer is good through This Week Only – so claim your deal right now before it’s gone!

More Details:
You can get all the details about the “PRTL Restore Pack” HERE   –  and you can only claim the special deal price from this page you’re on right now.