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Photobiomodulation (PBM) technology. Often referred to as: light therapy, low level light therapy, LLLT, photonic medicine (and other offshoot names). By incorporating LED PBM technology into your practice, you will quickly discover how remarkable this modality is and the countless and highly effective uses it has for the human body. Both LED and laser have a place in the medical segment. Although for the time being, there are five times as many lasers than there are LED, many believe that LED is the superior technology.

What do LED (PBM) systems and cold laser (PBM) have in common:

  1. Both are PBM
  2. They utilize the same light wave nanometers
  3. Either can be pulsed at various hertz rates to initiate the body’s own innate healing ability
  4. Both come in monochromatic and polychromatic applications
  5. They create similar physiological changes at the cellular-level, however, laser is coherent and LED is incoherent

What makes LED PBM a better option than Laser?

1. LED is a safer technology (You cannot burn cells with LED PBM) and can be utilized as an unattended but monitored therapy.

2. LED can cover large bio-sites at one time and therefore treat the entire targeted area such as the brain, lumbar, organs, skin

3. LED is much more effective with neuropathic disorders like peripheral neuropathy, where you simply place the boots/leg system on the patients and turn the LED systems on.

4. LED offers both in-clinic and home systems (which allow the patients to treat themselves as many as 7 days a week).

5. LED PBM is a fraction of the cost of laser PMB. One can purchase 5 LED systems for $10,000 vs one laser for as much as $60,000.

6. LED allows one technician to attend to as many as 7 patients at one time, while the laser technician can only attend to 1.

7. LED effectiveness lies in the quality of the system; with laser it is about the technician, so training is significantly less with LED.

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