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Jet Lag Stack

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On my recent trip to Italy, I brought two hacks with me to see if I could conquer jet lag:  NuCalm and Human Charger.

Here’s what I did and what I experienced:

I was departing NYC for Rome at 5pm.  I downloaded the 120-minute Rescue NuCalm track in their app, so I would have access to it even if I wasn’t online.  As soon as we were served dinner on the flight and I finished eating, roughly 630pm est/ 1230am Italian time, I put on my NuCalm Rescue track along with the Nucalm Gaba patch and signed off.  I definitely didn’t sleep the whole time, and remember waking up at least once with the track over and I didn’t bother to put it back on, just dozed back off to sleep.  Our flight ended up being graced by solid tailwinds, so at 515am Italy time (11:15pm est), we were served breakfast and that woke me up.  Upon waking and seeing the sun up, I popped in my Human Charger for the first of several sessions.  We landed into Rome and I was at my hotel by 7:00am.  I did Human Charger sessions every two hours or so throughout the day as I explored Rome, leading up to a 2-hour train ride from Rome to the Amalfi coast.  On that train ride, I repeated the NuCalm Rescue 120 session, completely signing off to rest and recover.  I felt great after the NuCalm session, had a great evening on the coast, and went to bed at 11pm Italy time.  Woke up the next morning at 9am, much later than usual for me, feeling great, and starting the day with another Human Charger session.  I didn’t even think to use the Human Charger again because I felt completely myself all day.

To prepare for the return, the day before flying home to the states I did a Human Charger session in the evening.  I had to wake up at 4am Italy time to travel from Tuscany back to Rome and get on my 9am flight to NY.  I used NuCalm as much as possible on the car ride to Rome and then again as I waited to board my flight and then on the flight when we were unfortunately delayed 4.5 hours.  I just kept running NuCalm and resting/sleeping as much as possible.  We thankfully took off finally at 130pm, which was at that point, daytime in NYC so I popped in the Human Charger and kept doing Human Charger sessions every two hours until the sun went down in NYC that evening.  Went to sleep at 10:30pm est, woke up the next day at 6am, popped in the Human Charger once more, and didn’t do it again because I felt fine all day.  No jet lag, back on NY time ever since.

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