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Healthy Pride


Forgiveness and Healthy Pride

In the PRTL Power Scale, we see that Egoic Pride, Level 4 Power, is catabolic and can be categorized as “Unhealthy Pride”.  While this Level of Power is higher than Level 1, 2 or 3 Power, it is still catabolic, meaning that it is ultimately sucking in a defensive way from the surrounding energetic field and will lead to breakdown as opposed to contribution. We want to understand the difference between this unhealthy pride and healthy pride, where we are conscious of our dignity and worth not in comparison to anyone else but inherently, unconditionally, which we reach when we are at Level 6 Power, Forgiveness, and Acceptance.
First, let’s review the catabolic levels of power to understand what can often be confusing about these levels of power:

Level 1, Shame and Helplessness, is expressed in the assumption of no power. When you are experiencing apathy, feel victimized by your situation, have the feeling or belief that your life is bad, you just want it to be over, these are signs of Level 1 Power.

Level 2, Guilt, Fear, and Grief, is one step up from Shame and Helplessness because there is a shift from feeling complete despair to feeling that there is an opportunity, however hard to fathom, to do better next time. As Brene Brown explains, guilt is “I made a mistake”. Shame is, “I am a mistake.”

Level 3, Anger and Longing, is one step up from Guilt, Fear, and Grief as people begin to choose themselves, fighting for their position and wanting better, but at the detriment of others and not understanding the big picture. There is still a strong win/lose mentality, and at level 3, the person desires to improve but ultimately feels they can’t because of some greater power bringing them down. They also are feeling dissatisfaction and insufficiency in their life, disconnected from a peaceful state of manifesting what they truly want, because they are believing in the story that it isn’t already theirs.

Level 4 Power, Egoic Pride, is the highest catabolic level of Power, bringing a strong sense of who you are, and strong self-confidence. It is still catabolic and fragile, however, because it is limited by being fixed or a half-truth. In Level 4, we feel very separate and ultimately superior and believe that we are in control and we need to be in control. Level 4 is demanding, often comparing yourself to others, seeking external validation, and cutting people off who don’t meet your expectations.

Ultimately unhealthy pride, Level 4 Power, comes at the expense of others instead of a deeper universal benevolence.

Moving up into the anabolic levels of power, we begin to demonstrate care for others and a capacity to be a hero.

Level 5, Courage and Acts of Service, is the first level of Anabolic Power, where we can contribute to lasting improvement in our life and our world. In Level 5 Power, we now recognize that we can alchemize our personal power towards the wrong in the world, turning the darkness into fuel for doing good. At this first anabolic level of power, however, our insights are limited. We still feel very separate from and against forces of life. We often sacrifice the greater good for a limited win, without realizing our blind spots..

One anabolic step up from Courage and Acts of Service, Level 6 Power, Acceptance, and Forgiveness, is marked by a willingness to see other perspectives, make mistakes and fail, and a true sense of hope and trust. Here at Level 6 the warrior within begins to take on a new perspective. The patience and grace available at this level allows the person to move through life with greater clarity, self-awareness, responsibility, and compassion. They have more readiness to handle the challenges aka opportunities life is presenting, with more ease and intentionality. Most importantly, they are able to have a healthy sense of pride because they are able to practice self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. They are simultaneously about to accept and forgive others for their imperfections as they walk the walk being human.

Level 6 Power is a high level of Power that we all have access to at certain times, in certain conditions. It isn’t unconditional unless you are someone who is operating at the higher levels of Power, Levels 7 and 8, all of the time — unless someone reading this is a fully realized master or knows one (I don’t), this doesn’t apply. It is something to continually strive for and celebrate whenever we are able to practice it, albeit imperfectly, and in celebration of PRIDE month, we encourage everyone to learn more about your Personal Power by taking the PRTL Power Scale, available at

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