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Are you wondering…

How does the ARX get results in so little time?

Latest research shows that maximum muscle gains occur with a super slow, super heavy protocol: 1:30-1:45 mins per exercise, once a week — the ARX machines use computers and mechanical resistance to maximize every moment of each rep, both concentric and eccentric so you get the benefit of maximum resistance on both phases of the exercise, something that no other exercise protocol can do.

How can I get cardio results in so little time?

Latest research shows that short intervals of very high-intensity exercise followed by low-intensity recovery exercise have the same if not better results compared to 45-60 minutes of steady state/ mid intensity interval exercise for improved cardiovascular fitness and metabolic burn rate. Specifically, 20 seconds of very high-intensity exercise followed by 3 minutes of recovery has been shown to be highly effective.

How will my results be quantified?

The ARX tracks each rep in real time and stores data week over week, so you can see your max strength and intensity gains.  We use the 3DFit Scan to measure your inches, muscle mass and body fat %.  Additionally, we use calorie counters to track week over week cardio vascular intensity outputs.

Will I sweat?

Depending on your body, you may not sweat at all, or you may minimally sweat, during the ARX or High Octane Ride sessions.  You will not sweat during the JOOV Near IR Photobiomodulation sessions but will likely sweat during the IR Sauna sessions.

Is the ARX safe?

The ARX matches your force output, so you are never resisting more force than you yourself are creating.   This is the safest way to rehab after an injury and as we age.

What about burning calories?

We exercise to improve our physical fitness levels, but it is our nutrition that needs to be managed for overall caloric deficit and teaching our bodies to burn fat for fuel.  If we are compelled to exercise to burn calories of irresponsible nutritional choices chronically in a way that impacts our quality of life and focus on other constructive things we could be doing instead with our time, that is exercise bulimia.  Learn more about exercise bulimia here.

I know what I’m “supposed” to eat, but I don’t want to deprive myself of enjoying food.  What then?

We have an honest conversation about how you are defining “enjoying” food — there is a big, beautiful middle path where you learn the difference between fake food and real food, and between a “treat” for your mouth and a “treat” for your body, and how to see whether you are able to enjoy a “treat” for your mouth in moderation.  If you aren’t able to enjoy a “treat” for your mouth in moderation, you may have a food addiction that needs to be addressed. Learn more about food addiction here.

Even if you choose to not address nutrition, building muscle and increasing your cardio vascular fitness will greatly improve your fitness level, your quality of life and your longevity.  You may simply not get the results of lowering your body fat composition as much as you would like, and you may be sabotaging your mood and energy levels in ways that you aren’t aware of.

I want to change my eating habits but haven’t been successful in the past. Can you help?

Maybe.  We are trained behavioral change specialists with a strong background in behavior therapy with a program that can help make changes that, in the past, have not been able to be accomplished.  We are not therapists, however, and some people have compulsive or addictive behavior issues that we will not be able to help with.  We will know that very quickly and refer you to someone who can, if that is the case.

Why do you coach on stress management?

If you want to have optimal physical fitness, you need to look at your exercise, your recovery, your nutrition and how you handle stress.  Stress has been shown to have an impact on our bodies that is worse than smoking 5 cigarettes a day.  We cannot ignore this component of our physical health.

How much does HACKD cost?

A full price list can be found here or when you book your sessions.