Work Smarter, Not Harder.

minimum effective dose PHYSICAL, MENTAL and energETIC FITNESS training with NEXT LEVEL EQUIPMENT & PROTOCOLS:

Work, Recover, Optimize

PRTL is unlike any other Fitness program out there — we know that everyone is unique, both in where they are starting and where they want to go. We can meet you where you are with the most sophisticated assessments, and be a guide with the cheat sheets to get you where you want to go as efficiently as possible… this is both because we are biohacking nerds with access to the latest tools and protocols science has to offer AND because we pay equal attention and have equal expertise in the full spectrum of Holistic Fitness.

We break our program down into the 5 Pillars of Fitness: Physical, Mental, Nutritional, Sleep and Communal, we can support you in getting results unlike anything you’ve imagined possible.

Discover a path of least resistance to your fitness and wellbeing goals.
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Our Services

FICS offers a customized recovery experience like none other
Come before or after your workout, after a long flight or work day or during your personal time

We will concierge you through our modalities and provide you space to relax



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