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This Week’s Special:

50% off The PRTL Calm Pack

Offer Deadline:
Through this week only

“Nutshell” of Special:
Get 50% off our most effective stack to for deep relaxation, “The PRTL Calm

Price: $74.50 instead of $149

Who Should Grab This Deal?:
Anyone who wants to experience deep relaxation of their body & mind, sleep
better, or Improve mental health & mood.

Here’s What You Get:
You get a soothing session of red light therapy to help you sleep better
and improve your mood.. in only 15 minutes.

You get a dry flotation session that uses weightlessness to gives you

deep calm and peace without having to try hard (or get wet!).
You get to entrain your brainwaves with NuCalm for instant mental clar
ity and restoration.
You get use of the Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field machine to boost re
laxation, full-body energy, and your body’s natural recovery process..

Offer Deadline:
This offer is good through This Week Only – so claim your deal right now before it’s gone!

More Details:
You can get all the details about the “PRTL Calm Pack” HERE (on the regular
sales page) – but you can only claim the special deal price from this page
you’re on right now.