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designed to provide you with awareness and control over how your mind operates in relation to the world around you so that you can feel better, think better and live better.
November 6th-10th or November 13th-17th.
After completing this program, participants consistently report that life becomes easier, they like themselves better, and relationships improve. 
Here are just a few of the benefits that have been measured:
Higher IQ and EQ
Increased creativity
You’ll become less reactive
Make better decisions
Optimize your brain 
Experience a quieter mind
Have more resilience
Reductions in depression and anxiety 
Newfound clarity
The Xternalized Mind Brain Wave Training Program involves a three-part process:
First, you will get a Brain Map, where they check in under the hood, looking inside your brain with QEEG technology to understand what makes you – you. 
Second, they use CAP trainings – targeted and customized neurofeedback to optimize your brain.
Next, they have GAP trainings, where you will clear out issues, beliefs and traumas that no longer serve you. You will lay down the tracks to a new more vibrant you. 
Throughout the week, you’ll be expertly guided to ensure you make the most of your time and resources. Whether you approach this experience with skepticism or enthusiasm, the results will be the same. By day 5, you’ll emerge as the 2.0 version of yourself.
This program is intensive:  9am-7pm Monday – Friday (lunch and dinner served) and requires an investment of $10,000 to participate.  It is a program I have been wanting to do for years but before now, required a week in Washington state and an even higher price tag.  I am thrilled to be able to share it in NYC and will be personally participating in the second week’s session.
You may be wondering, who is Alice Miller, and why should you trust her with your brain’s transformation?
Alice has dedicated her life to this fascinating convergence of Information Technology, Transpersonal Psychology, and Meditation. She’s coached close to a thousand individuals since 2011, helping them optimize their brain’s performance and creating a better life.  She spent over four years leading facilitation, engineering and research for the 40 Years of Zen program, and before that spent over 8 years with the Biocybernaut program.
She’s deeply passionate about exploring consciousness, deepening mindfulness, and fostering personal growth. This passion drives the design of her brain wave training programs, all with the sole aim of bringing you closer to your fullest potential.
When you combine neuroscience with these exquisite protocols and expert guidance, the results are astonishing. 
The program reliably leads to a better you – it is personal growth on steroids!
If you are ready to unlock your true potential and evolve into the best version of yourself, this program is for you.
If you’re interested and want to learn more, reply to this email.
This November, we have limited spots, with a maximum of three people per week, and as I mentioned, I will personally be participating in the second week so only two spots remain for that week.
I hope you will consider joining the program.  Your best self is just a few days away.